Big Life Changes

After 11 years of living in our historic dream house my husband and I have transitioned back to typical suburban life. It was our choice. Our 100 year old farmhouse on 3 acres was our fantasy fulfilled, but family life took some twists and turns. Ultimately, the house required more of us physically and emotionally (not to mention financially!) than we had left to give. We decided it was time to simplify some aspect of our life by selling the farmhouse and moving back to the suburbs. Bittersweet, but necessary, as we approached our milestone 60th birthdays and looming retirement plans.

So what’s a vintage-hearted girl to do with all that “old” energy? Do I have anything to say, not only to other women my age going through major life transitions, but to younger women still chasing dreams and finding their style? How do I use my vintage collections in a practically brand-new house? And finally, how do I turn the little woods at the back of our 1/2 acre lot into my own secret garden?

I hope to find the space here to share my eclectic decorating ideas and my ambitious gardening plans. I want to talk about what’s on my heart as I move into my “senior” years…..yikes! I want to be comfortable in my own skin. I aspire to make my sixties count for something!

I hope you will join me on this journey as we enter a new season. Girls like me may have reached our “wisdom years” but we still have a lot of life left in us. Let’s have some fun together!

1 thought on “Big Life Changes

  1. I love to hear about your adventures!!


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