Red’s is Rad

Y’all, I found the greatest new place to shop! It’s actually not so new since it’s been open for months, but it’s new to me. It’s in Wilkesboro, NC and we pass it on the way to our mountain house. A family owned business, Red’s Home and Garden sits right on Highway 421 as you pass through headed for Boone. Anything that includes the words HOME and GARDEN makes my radar buzz so I finally stopped in this past Monday.

Normally when we are on our way to or from the mountain house we are on a schedule. Our typical weekend means driving up late in the day on a Friday, and I can tell you that my hubby isn’t in the mood for shopping. He wants to get to the house, throw open the windows, and put his feet up. He has ignored all my hopeful comments about how interesting and fun Red’s looks from the road. Shopping doesn’t rank high on his list under normal conditions, much less when he’s at the end of a long week. Most of the time we are returning home early on a Monday morning when he is focused on getting back to the office. Not only is Red’s not open at that time of morning, but stopping is again not an option. All I’ve been able to do is stare longingly as we whiz by.

But this last weekend we were in two cars. We were gathering with two of our kids, our daughter-in-law, and grandson Max, and as often happens in our family dynamics, the logistics of who can leave when meant that Billy and I drove separately. The whole bunch, including Billy, left to go home Sunday afternoon, leaving me to drive home alone on Monday. I finally had my chance!

I arrived with great expectations and, boy, I was NOT disappointed. Lovely pottery and flower pots welcome you just outside the doors, and inside it’s a home decor feast for the eyes. Beautifully arranged vignettes of decor of all kinds awaits. I spent a leisurely 45 minutes or so wandering the spacious indoor area that looks like Pinterest come to life. Artificial flower stems were on sale and I came away with two different styles to fill a couple of blank spaces in my house. I found prices to be comparable to any of the big box home decor stores, yet a little more selective in quality.

Red’s also boasts an incredible Christmas Shop! Year round! I did not allow myself more than a quick glance because the last thing I need is more Christmas decor. However, if I weed out some of my old stuff….I’ll be back! And then there was the whole garden area that looked soooo inviting, but by then I had used up my allotted time for shopping. I will absolutely make another stop

I love to shop a local place. Wilkesboro puts up with a lot of us passing through to somewhere else. We might stop for gas or a quick run through a fast food place. A store like Red’s gives me a destination and adds a few dollars to their economy. Give it a look if you are up that way. You’ll be glad you shopped.

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