Good Morning Vietnam

I put in a little more time in the Little Woods yesterday. I had such good intentions for working several hours, but oh my gosh was it hot. Hot and humid. Suck your breath away hot. Sweat dripping in your eyes hot. Air so thick it feels like soup. I was reminded of that scene from the movie, Good Morning Vietnam, where Robin Williams’ character is giving the forecast. ‘”It’s hot! Damn hot! Real hot!” (He says more but I’m keeping this blog PG.) I just couldn’t stay out there for very long, but I made progress.

For one thing I planted the four ferns and three hostas I bought two weeks ago. I don’t like to rush into things. Most of my plants must prove they can survive sequestered in my garage for an indefinite time period before they are allowed to grace my garden. These managed fairly well…the ferns were just a tiny bit droopy. I spaced them around one of the pine trees towards the front of the woods. This, after 15 trips from my garage to the Little Woods with soil and shovel and hoe and spade and clippers (for all the roots that lurk just beneath the surface) and watering can and gloves, across the yard, up the hill to the Little Woods. After about the 8th trip I was thinking that I could seriously use one of those garden carts. But, wait, oh yeah, I already own one of those. It’s just still buried….you guessed it….in the storage unit from hell.

After so much exertion I needed to sit down and rest a bit before tackling the next project. Just so happens I now have the perfect little resting spot in the Little Woods. Earlier in the week when I had an afternoon entirely to myself I visited one of my favorite places to while away a couple of hours. Main Street Antiques in Mooresville is one of the larger antique malls in our area. I can wander and wonder to my heart’s content, feeding my vintage soul. I try to be very selective in my shopping, but managed to spot a darling little bench. It’s just the right size for a quick rest while working in the Little Woods. Eventually I want some full size seating out there, but for now it’s perfect.

Once I had cooled down slightly I went back to the garage. This time I hauled out two more bird feeders and an extension for my fancy system. Since I have so enjoyed the feeders I installed a few weeks ago the nice woman named, of all things, Renee, at Wild Birds Unlimited helped me pick out a couple of different style feeders in order to attract more and bigger birds. Added to the original system, we now have a very bird-friendly double-decker feeder station.

Finally, I had to water my new plantings. Have I mentioned the faucet situation? Seems another little design flaw in our otherwise perfect home is the fact we have only ONE outdoor faucet in our entire yard, front and back. And it is not in the Little Woods. Of course not. It’s around on the driveway next to the garage, way too far to stretch a hose to where I actually need it. So that means using my watering can and making several more trips in the now mid-day heat. Obviously, this is a situation that will have to be remedied before I do too much more work back there.

With that, I was spent. I had finished off my YETI of water and desperately needed more, so I called it a morning. After hauling everything back to the garage WITHOUT MY CART I staggered inside to the air conditioning. As I dripped sweat on my kitchen floor I gazed happily out at the Little Woods. It’s so satisfying to see progress even if it’s a tiny step. Still a long way to go but that’s part of the plan. It’s meant to be an ongoing project, a lifestyle for my 60’s, a labor of love. And as we all know, anything worth having requires effort, a little (or lot) of sweat, if you will. Mission accomplished.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…” Colossians 3:23

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